What makes life worth living is related to the feeling of peace of mind, joy, happiness, and a sense of inner satisfaction and contentment. Having good relationships is one of the strongest sources of this feeling, the transmission of emotions means that a large number of people's temperaments beings are formed through the relationships we have with people.

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With our experienced and professional consultants in the fields of Information Technology, Business Development and HRM, corporations and small businesses can grow their businesses. We also create conditions for small businesses to hire professionals for their business. So they have benefited from our professional training in the fields of digital marketing and business development, and they can be useful for their business with high efficiency. Any business owner can introduce their staff to us to learn specialty skills. W2A’s mission is to assist our clients with various solutions for their business according to their needs which can be used in the fields of sales, and mechanization of their business in terms of IT Services, Software, Marketing Solutions and Business Development for theirs. We help corporations and small businesses improve their business, life and relationships. Because they can change their world and life with change their mindset and business strategy.

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Digital Marketing

Way to Alter is a leading full-service digital marketing agency that provides internet marketing services that focus on growing your business. We can help you increase traffic, and drive more leads and conversions to your website.

Business Development

We can help you with Business development your activities extend across different departments, including sales, marketing, project management, product management, and vendor management.


As a reliable market research company, we wish to lead the research industry by partnering with companies that pursue thorough business and consumer research, with the zeal to be the 'best in their industry.'

Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking has evolved from a popular approach for many successful startups to a mature discipline and offering of successful agencies and consultancies. We help startups for Digital Marketing Analytics & Growth Hacking Consultant use how companies can use growth hacking to improve ROI and customer lifetime value.

Start-Up Mentorship

W2A's start-up consultancy assists students, employees, scientists and alumni of the university on their way to founding innovative companies in all important phases - from idea and concept validation to market evaluation and creation of a business model to applying for funding.

SEO Services

Our in-house team includes copywriting experts, technical SEO geniuses, graphic designers, Google Ads veterans & social media enthusiasts - Imagine a Captain Planet-esque team: all our powers combined gets our clients the results they’re looking for!

Business Development


Start-Up Mentorship




Digital Marketing



Software Development

Software consulting services help plan and implement software improvements as well as staff software development projects with skilled resources. As a software consulting company, W2A offers expertise built on 300+ success stories across varied IT needs.

Our Service Scope: Technology Advisory and Beyond. Software stack assessment, Software modernization, Software development consulting, Business process analysis, Software product consulting, Design and production of software according to the client's order. Expertise across a variety of software domains allows us to provide precisely focused consulting services.
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Web Development

Having an eye-catching website that presents your values and brand prestige is as vital as having an office or shop for each business in this modern digital era. Almost 95% of users are impressed with the web design, which will lead them to explore more on your website or even convert and make a purchase from your brand. If you are a business owner or a startup founder, your first step in digital marketing would be launching your website.

Investing in a responsive website design with visual standards and SEO is what you really need to consider. W2A Web Developer Team gives you a custom site based on your brand strategy with a professional, dedicated project director.
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Team Work

Way to Alter is a group of hand-picked professional digital marketing experts with +19 years of experience in different industries who are passionate about growing a business with a growth hacking mindset.

Our mission is to minimize the distance between words (advice) to action (implementation) and help different businesses by taking advantage of international standards, integrating different knowledge, and providing high-quality digital marketing services in order to achieve their goals, and visions and win in the market. With the cooperation and solidarity of our professional team, the progress of your project will grow and be done with greater accuracy.
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All organizations, companies and experts are invited to cooperate. If you wish, we will be responsible for joint cooperation through the following communication channels.